We work closely and collaboratively with organizations to identify their preferred outcomes, shared purpose and values.

We help teams transform these visions and ideas into practical strategies and tactics for continuous organizational improvement.

Our research and evaluation projects are intensely focused on simple, practical and cost-effective solutions for increasing employee engagement, identifying preferred outcomes and contributing to efficient and effective operations.

We embrace a “utilization focused evaluation” approach to ensure that, above all else, research and evaluation efforts are aimed at being useful for the team and the clients being served.

We help you get over the hurdle of taking a good idea off of the napkin, onto the whiteboard and out into the world.

We train teams to design, test and ship their ideas in record time, helping you accomplish your goals in months instead of years.

Speaking & Facilitation

Leadership. Wellness. Employee Engagement. Innovation. Mental Health & Addiction. Power. Communication.

We speak and facilitate on a wide range of topics in a wide variety of settings, from international conferences to small teams in the boardroom, from the classroom to (occasionally) around the campfire.


Designed to provide optimal learning and practical strategies, our leadership modules are simple, practical, impactful and immediately operational.

Designed for every level of management, we give your leaders the knowledge and skills to enhance employee engagement and improve performance across the organization.

Our “7 Functions of a Highly Effective Leader” framework is grounded in decades of research and has practical application for anyone tasked with leading people.

Our Right Use of Power training provides your team with a deep understanding of power dynamics within your organization and with your clients. We help your people address common, and often unintended or accidental, ‘misuses and abuses’ of power.

Feedback. Self-Awareness. Role Clarity. Practical Ethics. Communication. Conflict Transformation.

Right Use of Power training is consistently described as ‘transformational’ for individuals, teams and organizations. 

Communication is a vital component of high-functioning teams, and an area that a lot of teams struggle with. The type of communication we’re talking about is the real stuff, the kind of communication that deepens trust, builds relationships, provides useful feedback, disagrees respectfully…in short, the type of communication that helps drive your team towards excellence.

Our Communication & Conflict Transformation training is an essential building block for your high performing team.

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Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what others are saying.

Jeff successfully facilitated a series of thoughtfully planned professional learning workshops that challenged us as a staff to examine what it means to be part of a team. Through his focus around the importance of Non Violent Communication (NVC), Jeff fostered meaningful dialogue about creating a culture of empathy, understanding, and respect in interactions at every level of our school community.

I see the work we have done with Jeff as a springboard that will allow us as a staff to engage in professional dialogue at a deeper level because we have developed the trust and understanding necessary to look critically at our work and have candid conversations about teaching and learning.

Sarah CaldwellElizabeth Barrett Elementary
I loved that Jeff was so knowledgeable and responded quickly to how people were feeling. He constantly made sure he was honouring people’s intentions in their questions and their openness. That was big. He was able to easily relate experiences to the examples he was trying to pull from. He drew from his own personal experience which helps with vulnerability. I appreciated his knowledge, professionalism, care and attention.
TeacherRockyview Schools
Our group has had Jeff come several times to help us take a look at how we practice in our work. His activities are engaging and were able to have us come to a better understanding on what we need to focus on in our jobs. He is easy to talk to and is able to support us in what can be challenging process of examining our roles in our jobs.
Andrea CainesChinook's Edge School Division
Jeff has a deep understanding about how teams work best together. As a leader, he has a vision for tending to the structure of teams in ways that bring out the strengths of each member, while simultaneously focusing everyone on shared goals. He also knows that sustainable and effective teams must have more than tasks, deadlines, and to-do lists. Accordingly, he always aspires to nurture a team-centered culture that makes attaining the collective vision an enriching and meaningful experience.

After nearly four years working with him, I can attest that Jeff created the opportunity for me to be apart of something bigger that was good for me, my peers, and the community at large.
Liam LawEnviros
I have worked with Jeff Couillard in various capacities over nearly a decade.  Jeff has a very unique and inspiring style, which I have seen produce phenomenal results over the years with respect to change management and conflict resolution.  He is exceptionally knowledgeable without ego getting in the way, and facilitates in an empowering, positive style. He has an unassuming style, yet delivers world class facilitation.  I would have no hesitation recommending Attainability to collaborate with and empower your team!
Lisa GrahamManager of Human Resources, Enviros
Jeff is an excellent presenter; organized, engaging and calm in his approach. I always look forward to his workshops which are filled with concrete, personal and professional examples.
Chantal DaymikoChinook's Edge School Division
I’ve had the privilege of working with Jeff Couillard for many years. He is extremely passionate about his work and articulates with ease how we can all do better for children, youth and families, while strengthening our communities. He’s masterful at taking well researched models and best practices and turning them into easily integrated ideas that create change. He uses simple useful tools and the power of intention.

He’s a transformational leader and a visionary. I would highly recommend Jeff’s work to anyone.

Candace WindischEnviros
I love the intimate setting with our staff and Jeff as a facilitator. Jeff continues to get us to think about and express ourselves to each other to become a more cohesive team. I believe our time with Jeff has made our staff stronger and that much more connected. Thank you for that:-)
Christy WRockyview Schools
I wanted to let you guys know how much I got out of your programs.
The information you both engraved on us had so many applications that I am already using some methods of position of power with parents and teachers while also respecting what motivates and drives our teachers to allow them to feel more fulfilled and engaged in the pedagogical practice.
Your presentation styles worked very well in keeping me informed and fully engaged. I have already started recommending this program to others in my educational leadership field.
Brent LegaultRockyview School Division

A few of the great organizations we’ve been honoured to work with.

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