RancheView Leadership

Hi RancheView leadership team!

Welcome to a private page that I’ve pulled together to get us started on this journey of team and leadership development. I’m excited to sit down with all of you soon, but in the meantime here’s a short (14 minute) video with some of my thoughts on “values based leadership”, and two exercises that I’ve found very helpful in starting that conversation. Enjoy, and know that you can always contact me with questions at jeff@attainability.ca.

Optimal Leadership Profile

The optimal leadership profile is designed to give you and your teachers insight and awareness into how they prefer to be supervised. It’s a fairly comprehensive questionnaire that can be further tailored to meet your needs.

I highly recommend you completing one for yourself and sharing it with the person who supervises you, as both a useful tool for that supervisory relationship and practicing the use of it for you and your staff.

Leadership Values Exercise

The leadership values exercise is for the three of you to work through as a team. The values that you’re identifying are not the school’s values, they are your values. It should make sense when you’re going through the exercise, and I recommend having a whiteboard or some flip chart paper handy as you brainstorm.