With great power, comes great responsibility.

A dynamic, inspiring and relational approach to professional and personal ethics and empowerment.

Power directed by heart.  Heart infused with power. This is key to right use of power.

Training and consultation for individuals, organizations, and teams who want to understand and address issues of power.

Right Use of Power is universally applicable to anyone who finds themselves in a position of authority or influence over the lives of others. It’s a particularly useful training for those in the “helping profession” (teachers, youth workers, counselors, coaches, etc.), as it addresses issues of power with vulnerable people.

Right uses of power are relationship actions and attitudes that prevent and heal harm, and promote conflict resolution and empowerment for the common good. Essential for all helping professionals, regardless of their level of training and experience.

From a 1-hour staff meeting to a multi-day experience, we can cover a broad range of material related to the ethical use of power, including;

• How to own your power and influence.
• The impact of your own values and ethics on your students and colleagues.
• The dynamics of up-power and down-power, and how to navigate them with ease.
• How to engage your curiosity and personal history with power well.
• The importance of attending to self-care as a critical component of your ethical practice, along with practical and proven strategies to practice self care.
• How to infuse your power with heart, and balance it with strength.
• How to track your impact and ask for feedback that invites further growth.
• How to stay in right relationship and use the 150% principle.
• The essential strategies involved with resolving and repairing conflicts when they arise.

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